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Launch of Child Guidance Medical Centre (CGMC), Sharjah, UAE

The CGMC, Sharjah is the first of its kind in the Middle-East, with a Multidisciplinary Team of Professionals working together for the cause of children with Developmental Disabilities. These Disabilities cause Poor School Performance (PSP).

In this fast-paced world of cutting-edge technology and the pursuit of academic excellence, Poor School Performance (PSP) in Children tends to produce serious academic and emotional setbacks, if not remedied at the right time.

Most children who fare poorly in school are intelligent enough. Despite difficulties in Academic Skills, they may possess numerous other Skills that can help them get ahead in life. However, these need to be identified or rectified professionally to help the child cope successfully.

It is important to identify these difficulties early in the child’s life. A Multidisciplnary medical clinic can address this need.

CGMC, Sharjah, UAE is the result of recognising this need. The sheer force of the large numbers of children who require this facility in the Middle East is the objective in setting up this centre.

Diagnostic Assessments, Investigations, Counselling etc. for the "Underachiever" in School are undertaken at CGMC.

A Multidisciplinary Approach, with various Specialists under the same roof, is adopted for these assessments and interventions, while evaluating children with Learning and Behaviour problems.

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